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Cenote Verde Lucero

Cenote Verde Lucero

It belongs to one of the most beautiful natural formations found on the route to Puerto de Morelos, right on the road known as the route of the cenotes. This in particular is one of the many that has as its main characteristics being below the open sky, which allows you to appreciate its charming crystal clear waters and the splendid variety of its colorful vegetation, these natural formations are very striking for adventurers who enjoy nature and its charms.

It should be noted that within the wonders of the Cenote Verde Lucero are the much sought after zip lines, which allow you to launch into its beautiful waters, for this it is recommended to have dry hands , in such a way as to avoid losing control of the ropes and thereby falling abruptly into the water and thus preventing possible injuries.

It also has two natural platforms that also allow jumping into the water, one of These are approximately 3 meters high and the other with a slightly more imposing height, approximately 7 meters. Launching from the platforms represents for many a unique sensation that is not experienced from the zip lines.

The general areas of the Cenote Verde Lucero include bathrooms, chairs and palapas to enjoy the day. Life jackets are also offered if needed.

Access is free every day, and in turn, it is recommended to bring your own food and drinks to stay hydrated. In addition, they are asked to take care of the place carrying a bag to collect the waste.

Cenote Verde Lucero Prices: prices start from $ 150 MXN which may vary, there are some lines that offer packages ranging from $ 107 USD, and which include: guided tours by experts, lifeguards, photos, food, transportation.

One way to get there is by taking the western highway along the Central Vallarta Highway, approximately 18.5 kilometers from Puerto Morelos . A few meters away you can see the signs that indicate the place where the vehicles are parked. From that point access is achieved with a comfortable walk, for this the path is taken following some stone steps that descend to a lower level. In this place you can see a set of wooden steps that after about six meters will guide you to the water.

Another alternative is swimming: you can swim a complete circle around the walls of the cenote. The maximum depth is 20 meters and the average depth is 10.6 meters.

swim, jump for a dive, -$1509am a 5pm

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