Cenotes Route, Who are we?

About us

We are a couple who loves Cenotes. In several trips to the Mexican peninsula Yucatán, we got to know the Cenotes and fell in love with their natural beauty. The fresh water, silence and beauty in addition to the beach and sea make the Cenotes unique. At home again, we started to research about them and we were astonished by the estimated numbers (which go from 3,000 to 7,000 Cenotes in Mexico) and the few Cenotes we saw and visited in comparison. Because of the lack of information about their locations, we started this website to provide information about Cenotes in general and in specific, especially by registering their locations in the map - ruta de Cenotes - the Cenotes tour.

Nevertheless, we want to emphasize that we are strongly in favour of ecotourism, preserving the environment, conservation for future generations and inclusion of the local population in the tourist activities.

As there is only little information about Cenotes (for instance no signposting, insider information from locals), we would appreciate it, if you support us with sending specific information and photos by email to: rutadecenotesmx@gmail.com - Thank you very much!!