The complexity of the Cenotes


Cenotes are a complex system - but the tourist usually does not see this. To enjoy the sun, the fresh water and the underwater view is to experience the wonderful of the cenotes, but to see and measure the impacts of the individual effects is much more complex. The cenotes, together with their underground system, are a complex, networked, intransparent and dynamic system.

The cenotes are controlled by many variables, which are connected to one another, whereby only in part is clear which influence each other. At the same time, the system Cenotes has its own dynamic, this means, it develops also without external influences further. You can never change one thing. If you change one variable, other variables are automatically changed, hidden or openly.

Therefore, it is actually a very complex task to manage a (single) cenote and keep it clean. It requires structural knowledge, planning and the awareness that it is a complex system. For this reason, the use of cosmetics is forbidden, or only biodegradable products are allowed.

The variation of one variable in a single cenote impacts all cenotes because of the interconnection of all cenotes. Even though the cenotes have a buffer system, which means that the system can degrade pollutants to a certain extent without significant changes. However, if the point at which the system 'overturns' is reached, it is a surprise for most (also involved) persons and irreversible damage has arisen.

Psychological investigations have shown that in these cases the majority of the people usually escape into activism, in cynicism because of helplessness. 'The Others', 'the Tourists', 'the Politicians' or who else is to blame - the responsibility is deferred, which is not, of course, a solution to the matter, but usually separate even more the decisive actors from each other. The aimless activism starts when one thinks 'one has to do something', 'one can not stand idly', which usually however increases the damage or distracts it, since the measures are not planned and without a SMART goal.

For this reason, the sustainable touristic use of a cenote, with its rules, is a demanding task - provided that it is taken seriously and responsibly. The buffer still operates in the system, and the cenotes are partly monitored by the owners. However, it is the universal desire that the system of the Cenotes is preserved and that future generations also enjoy the natural beauty. Therefore, contribute to the preservation of the Cenotes for an everlasting experience!