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Cenote Xlacaj

Cenote Xlacaj

The cenote Xlacah still preserves the beauty of its transparent waters and its richness of flora and fauna. The remains found in the cenote –among them vessels, carved bones and wooden objects– offer valuable information about the ancient Mayans who lived in the vicinity of the cenote.

This natural pond measures around 100 m long in its north-south axis, for 200 m on the east-west axis. In its deepest part it takes an inclined shape and reaches 44 m in the northeast, towards which a wide horizontal and dark gallery opens, the end of which is unknown.

The ancient Mayans protected the shore with retaining walls from the cenote and built a medium platform very close to it. At its eastern end, which is the shallowest, there was another small platform, now missing, which reached the aquifer and allowed the population to have access to water easily. Under the ground of Dzibilchaltún the water level is 3 m, which is why its inhabitants were able to dig wells, expanding shallow natural cavities to reach the subsoil water.

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