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Cenote Rio Secreto

Cenote Rio Secreto

Beautiful cenote just 15 minutes from Tulum. A beautiful crystal clear water tank with beautiful geological formations. The regular price is 200 Mexican pesos, which goes up to 400 with a guide

If you are looking for adventure, Rio Secreto is undoubtedly the right place to visit. Within the state of Yucatán, halfway between Tulum and Cancun, this natural cave houses numerous wonders that will be part of the adventurer s agenda. We explain more in detail about this incredible place.

Among the cenotes that can be found in Yucatan, Río Secreto stands out and is called Museum of glass, since it does not have a true relationship with the other underground caves that They can be visited in the state, being rich in natural crystal formations and discovered less than 10 years ago.

Río Secreto is an underground cave, with a depth of up to 25 meters, which has a whole network of internal rivers and impressive, semi-flooded vaults; In addition, in some areas there are holes in the upper part (skylights) through which the sunlight enters and the nature of the outside can be appreciated. In this cenote there are multiple crystal formations, product of the movement of water and rock over thousands of years. Its name in Mayan is Tak Bi Hay or Tak Be Ha and it was inhabited by this culture, who called it the underworld.

Río Secreto is located near Playa del Carmen, just 30 minutes away away and only 15 minutes from Tulum. By car, you can take Federal Highway 307 that leads to Tulum (Cancun-Tulum) and you will find Río Secreto at kilometer 282, starting from Playa del Carmen.

You cannot forget that this destination is full of emotions strong, so you must be in sufficient physical condition. Within the secret river you can swim a lot, while the precious formations that have been forged over the years are appreciated, resulting in innumerable stalactites and stalagmites that must be treated with great care due to their crystal composition.
< br> You can also snorkel in it to appreciate the depths of the cave, where there are many other secrets.

If you are an expert or have enough licenses, diving is an activity allowed within Río Secreto .

We must not lose sight of the fauna that can be seen inside this cenote, since they have fish, bats and spiders, among others.

Due to its complexity as a place of nature , there are certain important recommendations.

-Be rested or in good physical condition, as the journey becomes very tiring.
-Avoid it if you suffer from heart problems, have a disability or are under the influence of some altering element of consciousness c Like drugs or alcohol.
-It is advisable to bring a bathing suit or clothes that can get wet, as well as towels (unless the tour provides them).
-Avoid it if you suffer from claustrophobia, as it is a space that gives the feeling of being locked in.
-Do not carry chemical products, such as sunscreen or repellants.
-It is essential to enter with a guide and know how to swim.
-It is not suitable for pregnant women.

swim, it´s a cave, tours$1,000-

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