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Cenote Pet Cementery

Cenote Pet Cementery

Cenote Pet Cemetery! The name is scary... but snorkeling in this cenote is astonishing and nothing to be afraid of!

Known locally as Cenote Pet Cemetery, its real Mayan name is Sac Actun (White cave). This cenote is part one of the largest streams in the world that runs through the entire Yucatan peninsula. The Sac Actun system is 143.4 miles! (230.8 km). People around the world seek this stream for scuba diving in the magnificent caves, but snorkeling there is not to be missed as well!

Explorers are still discovering more parts of this amazing system. In some of the discoveries they have found bones of animals and even some fossils of mammoths! That is why this cenote is called Pet Cemetery, the divers have found some bones and fossils during their expeditions.

Snorkeling in Pet cemetery can transport you to a different world! You would be snorkeling around 40/50 minutes in different chambers.

Snorkeling in cenote Pet Cemetery is a unique experience where you can feel that you enter in other world, our team would be guiding you all the time show you all the wonders of the underworld. All time in a safe environment.

Scuba diving, swim, it麓s a cave, ba駉s, vestidores-8am - 5pm

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