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Cenote Telchaquillo

Cenote Telchaquillo

In Yucatan there are around more than 5 thousand cenotes but of all of them the Cenote Telchaquillo stands out, which is the cheapest cenote in the entire State at only $ 10 pesos

Located in the Telchaquillo police station framed in the municipality from Tecoh, The Telchaquillo cenote has its own name and which is Chen chaac.

The cenote is located in the main square of the same town and to enter you must go down a stairway made of stone where You can also sit without problem to admire the cenote in all its splendor.

The cenote is suitable for young and old as it is not deep and has an area where people who cannot swim can be without problems.

It is believed that Telchaquillo was some type of important Mayan population since in its vicinity mounds have been found, presumably of structures destroyed with the passage of time in some properties, the same cenote with its stone staircase and also in the chapel of the place some Carved Mayan stones confirming that it was a Mayan site.

swim, -$5-

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