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Cenote Santa Maria

Cenote Santa Maria

The caves and cenotes of Santa María are located in Homún, just 3 blocks from the cemetery on Calle 26 x with 19.

The cost of access per person is $ 20 MX pesos and is attended by the owners from the house where the cave and cenote are located.

The entrance to the cave is rustic and rugged, so we recommend that you be very careful when descending as it is full of stones. Once you descend walking about 4 meters deep you will see the vaults of the cave that are duly illuminated to have sufficient visibility.

There are stalactites and stalagmites that have been formed over hundreds of years as well as rocks of large size, when advancing in the grotto you will reach a part of the path that is flooded and has a depth of up to 70 cm, tread carefully as there are some stones at the bottom and continue advancing until you reach a part where the rock becomes narrow and the path divides in two, no matter which one you choose, you will get to the same place anyway.

When you leave this slightly narrow space you will see how the stalactites and stalagmites appear again filling almost all the space, passing The rock will see the cenote with crystalline waters, in this place you can swim and the water is not very deep in some parts it is up to about 2 meters deep but there are vaults where it is deeper so that the route has It should be completed by diving.

Don t forget to take a souvenir photo, especially in narrow, water-filled spaces

swim, it´s a cave, ---

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