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Cenote San Ignacio

Cenote San Ignacio

Another of the wonderful cenotes that you can visit in the state of Yucatan, is that of the municipality of Chocholá, located 20 minutes from Mérida on the road to Campeche, where the San Ignacio cenote is located, also called Tunich Ha (Water in the stone). Inside, it maintains the same peculiarities as millions of years ago, thus having a magical and ancient beauty.

To enter you have to go down some wooden stairs that lead to the refreshing waters. You can see the stalactite formations that surround the entire vault, a hole that is on one side filters the sunlight illuminating the crystal clear turquoise water, revealing the hundreds of fish that live there, the cenote has a depth maximum of seven meters and in its lower part it ranges from one and a half meters to 40 centimeters.

Inside the cenote there is an inverse thermal effect to the surface temperature, in the months of November to February in Those with days with temperatures of 16 ° C, inside the cave the temperature is 28 ° C and the rest of the year in which we have temperatures above 40 ° C, the inside of the cave maintains 28 ° C. < br>
-The cenote offers night snorkeling service.

-It has a restaurant for 170 people and a menu with more than 30 dishes from the region. < br>
-The place also has a didactic farm in which the guide explains the various espe cies of flora and fauna, in the same way you can see the 30-meter-long aviary.

-Visitors can take a tour of the educational path to learn about the flora, the Mayan charcoal oven, the pyramid Mayan, henequenal and sascaberas (sascab sites).

-The place has green areas and dining services where they offer any social type event during the day and at night.

-It has an organization to deliver engagement rings, weddings, birthdays, etc.

-They offer special attention to groups and school excursions, they have service packages with special discounts for groups.

-Rent of hammocks to rest in the place (the cost varies around $ 30 per hour).

-It has a swimming pool in the green area.

-Less than average Cenote hour is the archaeological zone of Oxkintok and the Calcehtok caves.

-The rate per person is $ 50 (Mexican pesos).

-Package passes day: $ 260 adults and $ 220 children. Includes: access to the cenote, entrance + main course + dessert, hammock, bicycle and visit to the educational farm.

- Food package: $ 198 adults and $ 156 children. Includes: Access to the cenote, entrance + main course + dessert.

Scuba diving, swim, it´s a cave, ---

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