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Cenote Oxola

Cenote Oxola

The region of Homún, Yucatán, is famous thanks to the existence of a multitude of cenotes and natural spas; one of them is Oxolá, a semi-closed cenote inside a cave with 16 meters of free fall and two entrances, one through a well drilled in the roof of the vault and the other on its north side, where you descend through a wooden staircase.

It is a semi-closed type cenote inside a cave, with 16 meters of free fall. It has two entrances, one through a well drilled in the ceiling of the vault and another in its north side where you descend through a wooden staircase.

The color of the water is blue, and it is It is contained in a pool 37 meters long by 25 wide, and a maximum depth of 45 meters. One of its peculiarities is its underwater walls, where there are petrified sea urchins as a vestige of when the peninsula was submerged under the sea.

It is managed by a communal group that provides maintenance to the facilities. It is recommended to use life jackets and avoid the use of sunscreen.

Monday to Sunday from 08:00 to 17:00.

General admission: $ 30 Mxn

It is located 60 kilometers from the city of Mérida on the Mérida-Chetumal highway, taking the deviation to Acanceh, crossing the town of Cuzamá until reaching the center of the town of Homún. From there you advance 2 kms. Heading to the town of Huhí and on the right bank, take a deviation marked south towards the Yalahau Lagoons, traveling 9 kilometers of white road in fair condition and then take the right bank advancing 200 meters of dirt road in good condition.

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