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Cenote kin Ha

Cenote kin Ha

One of the main characteristics of Cenote Kin-Ha is that it is a cave-shaped cenote that also has an opening through which light passes through and creates different sets of totally natural and wonderful lights. Another feature of Cenote Kin-Ha is that it is 40 meters deep that can be easily viewed thanks to the clarity of the water. In turn, the Cenote Kin-Ha has inside it a hammock that is attached to a wooden support and a column, thus allowing you not only to remain in solitude and silence, but also to be able to relax and free yourself from all the bad things. energies.

To enter the Cenote Kin-Ha you only have to pay $ 200 MXN, that is, $ 10.20 USD per person. In the same way, you can also pay $ 250 MXN ($ 12.75 USD) to also go to the Blanca Flor cenote.

To get to this cenote you just have to go to the Puerto Morelos highway and at kilometer 20 you must cross to Left hand in the direction of Leona Vicario until you see the sign that says “Cenote Kin-Ha”. One of the disadvantages of this place is that public transport does not reach there directly, but if you have no other way to get there, you can get off the road and walk 5 kilometers until you reach the cenote.

The Kin-Ha cenote It offers you a restaurant where you can taste Mexican cuisine, and they also offer activities such as excursions, diving, motorcycle rental, among others to have an unforgettable vacation.

Hours: Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 10:00 am 5:00 pm. Scuba diving, swim, jump for a dive, Restaurante, motocicletassi9am - 5pm

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