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Cenote Kantun Chi

Cenote Kantun Chi

Kantun Chi is an ecological park of caves and cenotes located in the heart of the Riviera Maya. Its name in Mayan means «Mouth of yellow stone«.

This place can be explored by swimming in the mystical crystalline waters of the caves of the Mayan world, the park is full of tropical gardens, spider monkeys, species rare birds, raccoons, deer and reptiles. However, the main attraction is the incredible cenotes.

Kantun Chi ecopark is home to several cenotes. Four are currently available for swimming or diving. To protect the other fauna that make the cenote their home, the use of any kind of oil or lotions is not allowed

–Kantun Chi: This semi-open cenote is the first in your visit to the park, where you can take a relaxing bath surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens.

–Sas ka leen Ha: This is the largest cenote of the four and its name means transparent water, in it you will find a small Mayan shrine probably used in purification ceremonies by the ancient Mayans.

–Uch Ben Ha: It is a beautiful open-air cenote with beautiful colorful fish, here you can snorkel and enjoy a pleasant rest on the hammock islands.

–Zacil Ha: This beautiful cenote that in Mayan means clear water has light inputs through the limestone, here you can explore every corner and discover the beauty of natural formations and the clarity of their waters.

The cavern consists of two cenotes connected by alleys naturally formed ones. The cave adventure will be the most impressive part of the eco park.

Kantun Chi is home to many plants and animals. There are spider monkeys, raccoons, as well as a variety of other birds and insects. Through the eco park, you can also find many different plants.

- It is not allowed to introduce food, radios and refrigerators. The use of sunscreen should only be biodegradable. Pets are not allowed.

- The entrance to the caves is not allowed for people with carido-respiratory problems, hypertension, claustrophobic, pregnant women or with any physical problem that prevents them from moving by themselves.

Monday to Sunday from 9 am at 5 p.m.
Adults: USD $ 81 Children: USD $ 70

Scuba diving, swim, it´s a cave, si9am a 5pm

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