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Cenote Dos Pisos

Cenote Dos Pisos

Cenote Dos Pisos, as its name implies, is one of those beautiful natural aquifer formations that exist throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. This cenote is located between the Tulum jungle 300 meters from the federal highway 307 Cancun-Chetumal, in a ranch called El campesino, visited mostly by divers, the Cenote Dos Pisos is underground and is built by various formations rocky and speleothems, that is why it receives this name. It is necessary to enter the jungle in Mayan territory, to be able to reach this place, the advantage is that, it is not a too long journey and after the footpath, the visitor goes down through a hole that is also located between several rocks . Once there, the view becomes like a movie, being a landscape of crystalline water that reflects the stalactites, stalagmites and columns that a cenote with these characteristics usually has, although to be able to see them, it may be necessary to use a flashlight to explore the depths of this incredible formation.

Scuba diving, swim, it´s a cave, ---

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