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Cenote Chikin Ha

Cenote Chikin Ha

The cenotes —these magical natural pools that characterize our region— have become a must-see in the Riviera Maya. Chikin-Ha Park is undoubtedly an excellent option to spend the day. Here you will find three wonderful cenotes in a single park. Each of them has been given a Mayan name.


Entering this cenote is like entering the center of the Earth through one of its cracks. An experience! Its name means water from the west and was given by the location in which it is located. It is a cenote inside a cave that has two entrances and a depth of up to 15 meters. It is a favorite among divers because of the cave system that connects below. The flora and fauna is not as abundant as in the other two cenotes, but the rocky landscape surrounding its crystal clear waters is spectacular!


It is the first cenote of the route. Its waters are home to colorful flora and fauna. In this cenote it will be easy to find turtles and fish swimming among the lilies and the moss that covers the ground. A radiant natural beauty! It is an open cenote ideal for snorkeling and relaxing in its shallow waters (between 2 and 8 meters).

It also has a fun zipline that crosses it. The name of X tabay is due to an ancient Mayan legend that tells that a snake is sheltered in the ceiba tree that turns into a beautiful woman at night.


It is the last cenote of the tour. It appears from a large hole in the ground that triples in size when you enter it. In the center is an islet with trees that reveal their large roots, plants and iguanas. This land is protected by the beautiful guardian bird mot mot.
Before immersing yourself in its waters, a Mayan purification ceremony is performed, as this cenote is considered a ceremonial center. It is a cenote inside a collapsed cave and its name means “hidden water”. As it is the most remote cenote, it usually does not have many people.
We suggest you not bring sunscreen or repellants that could harm the environment. Go organic.
It is not possible to introduce food to the cenotes, but the park has a buffet-style restaurant with excellent suckling pig. The price is 160 pesos.

General admission includes a visit to the three cenotes and a life jacket. The price is $ 350 pesos. Children under five years old are free.

The snorkeling equipment rental is $ 50 pesos.

They have the option of taking a guided tour for $ 750 pesos. Includes the Mayan ceremony, a visit to one more cave, bike ride, zip line, snorkeling equipment and food. The tour lasts two hours.

The most complete package includes rappelling in addition to the above and the price is $ 1,000 pesos.


Within the facilities there are changing rooms, showers, bathrooms, a palapa, a rest area and a buffet restaurant. Scuba diving, swim, use a boat, -si9am - 5pm

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