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Cenote Casa

Cenote Casa

Do you want to swim in these crystalline waters of Casa Cenote? This is just one of the beautiful cenotes here in the Riviera Maya that is accessible to people on vacation and who live here. Cenotes are part of the underground river system here in the Yucatan Peninsula. This is fresh water that moves into the ocean.

At Casa Cenote you can find divers and snorkellers. This is a beautiful cenote so sometimes you can find it to be active with people.

Snorkeling at Casa Cenote

If you come here to snorkel, you will be in for a treat. In some parts you can see the roots of the mangroves reaching the water. Among the roots you can see many small fish. This cenote extends from the entrance to the mangrove area.

The entrance to Casa Cenote costs 120 pesos. The kayaks cost 100 pesos for single and 200 for double. Lockers cost 50 pesos, life jackets, snorkels, and paddle board are also available for rent.

Once you turn onto the dirt road, continue to the end where the Pavo Real Resort entrance is. The path turns left. Here you will find a guard and a rope across the road. This is a private road. He will ask you where you are going and you just say that you are going to Casa Cenote. Drive for about 4 minutes and the parking lot will be on your left for the cenote.

Scuba diving, swim, -$2009am a 5pm

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