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Cenote Caleta Tankah

Cenote Caleta Tankah

For those who do not know, Caleta Tankah is a beach that is located on the coast of the Riviera Maya, near Tulum, and is known for being one of the most exuberant and beautiful beaches whose natural setting is kept away from the coast. tour. If you are a person who loves the coasts, then this is the perfect option to live a new experience. At Caleta Tankah beach large quantities of fresh underground waters flow through the waters of the cenotes and the bowels of the Yucatan Peninsula; in this sense, this beach is known as the freshwater pool colder than the sea. In addition, another of the most interesting elements of the beach is that it creates strong currents of water, which is ideal for all those people who love to swim or play sports on a board.

Other element What is important for you to know is that on Caleta Tankah beach you will find only one hotel that is ideal for those couples who wish to get married in a tropical environment. In this way, if you still do not know which one to choose, either because you do not want the presence of many people, or do not know what the perfect place may be, we inform you that the Caleta Tankah Hotel is an excellent opportunity to bring your ideal couple.

To access this beach you do not need to pay a high amount of money. However, to maintain order in this place, a regulation was established in which all visitors must pay $ 150.00 MXN / $ 7.00 USD that will depend on the services purchased in the restaurant in the coastal area. In this way, if you do not consume anything in the restaurant, then your money will not be returned. It is important to note that the restaurant is near the parking lot.

If you are anxious to go to Caleta Tankah beach, we remind you that you can do it from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 4:00 am pm.

Caleta Tankah beach is located 5 kilometers north of Tulum (as well as towards the archaeological site of Tulum). If you want to go to this point, you must go 68 kilometers from Playa del Carmen, and go through Federal Highway 307. Likewise, if you want to arrive by public transport you must follow the following address:

swim, hotel-restaurante, regaderas$1009am a 5 pm

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