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Cenote Bebelchen

Cenote Bebelchen

The Bebelchen Tourist Parador has a beautiful cave-like cenote whose waters are blue in color, it is located in the town of Sanahcat, very close to Hocaba.

To access this cenote you have to go off the road a bit and enter the Mayan jungle, in a few minutes you will see a booth where you can pay for your access, they will explain the care that you must take into account to descend to the water and they will offer you the menu that their small restaurant of typical food has .

A huge tree guards the entrance to the cave, and next to it the wooden stairs that will take you to a platform with which you can approach the shore and enjoy its cool waters.
< br> From the moment you enter you are impressed by the stalagmite and stalactite formations that adorn it, the mouth of what was once a well lets in the sun s rays illuminating the place and discovering the blue tones of its fresh waters.

This cenote has no parts You go down so you should be careful to wear a vest, you can also get on a small kayak to go around safely around the place.

When you finish cooling off you can enjoy if you wish, of delicious typical dishes of the region, in its small restaurant, which has a palapa, chairs and tables.

It has changing tables so that you do not have to be wet during your return home.

Yes you want to visit the Cenote Bebelchen this is located at C.14 # 53 x15 y 17 Sanahcat, Yucatan

swim, use a boat, it´s a cave, parador turistico-7am a 6pm

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