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Cenote Angelita

Cenote Angelita

Its attractiveness is due to a cloud of hydrogen sulfate that is 27 meters deep; When mixed with salt water, this substance turns out to be heavier, so it seems to form a different stream of water. The resulting landscape is spectacular: it looks like another river that runs under water. To complete the effect, there are logs and remains of vegetation that fall into the cenote, creating an “underwater forest”.

It is possible to dive below the cloud. As you go through it, the forest becomes much thicker, due to all the vegetation that ends there.

is an experience not suitable for all divers, in fact, it requires some skill to maintain horizontality, and to be able to make ascents and descents as they are described by the stalactites and stalagmites that are in the subsoil. When one can go down to a depth greater than 10 meters, a new world opens up in front of your eyes, or at least it is what happens in the Angelita cenote (and some more of the Yucatan Peninsula), where due to the known phenomenon as a halocline, we can appreciate a kind of river within another river.

it is a physical phenomenon that occurs due to the difference in the salinity of the water, fresh water being less dense remains on the surface, in so much so that the salt water, being of a higher density, is concentrated at the bottom, but just where both bodies of water meet, a kind of cloud appears in front of our eyes, which, if we meet a diving partner, if shake a little, it would seem like the effect of erasing a pencil drawing with your finger.

The Angelita cenote, located about 17 km south of Tulum, is a site recently discovered by the Russian photographer Anatoly Beloshchin, who has captured spectacular halocline images and who emp They start to go around the world. It is interesting to note that under the halocline cloud formed by sulfur compounds, the light no longer penetrates, and all that we can see will be thanks to our diving lamp.

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