Recommendations in the merida Zone

Best Cenotes in the area

Here are the Cenotes, which we liked the most around Merida and that you can not miss in your visit:

Cenote Xlacaj

It is an open cenote that is located near the archaeological zone of Dzibilchaaltun. This cenote is considered one of the largest and deepest of the peninsula, measuring approximately 100m long and a depth of one meter on the shore that reaches 45m.

Cenote Bolonchojol

It is located near Cuzama. Access is a bit difficult with vertical wooden stairs (ca. 15m). Through the complete vault, the rays of the sun enters only by small holes provoking the sensation of a turquoise blue, emerald green of the water. It measures 35 m in diameter with a depth of 12 m in cavern, 27 in the cave and the second level 40m.

X'Batun Cenote

Away from the road you go by bicycle or car to the cenote that is located in the middle of the tropical forest. It is a small cenote whose waters appear of different shades of blue.

Cenote Kankirixché

This semi-open cenote has a wooden staircase and platform for access to crystalline waters. It measures 25m long and 15 wide with a maximum depth of 50m and a minimum of 2m. In its interior it forms a cavern to the 50m of depth with underwater galleries. Therefore, this cenote is suitable for swimming, snorkeling and observing. In addition, it has parking, campfire and camping area.