Cenotes route, equipment


After having visited many Cenotes, we have learned some things, which we would like to share with you, so that you can arrive prepared and enjoy the Cenotes to the maximum.     

Generally, it is advisable to go in the morning to the cenote, to enjoy it with more tranquility and less people. Most Cenotes open at 9am and close at 6pm. As they are private property, entrance is requested (approximately 100 MXN per cenote) for administration, maintenance and income. Many Cenotes were included in a restaurant, only come with tours organized or managed by ejidos or private individuals.

What is impressive about the Cenotes is the fresh and crystalline water, the formations and the incidence of light to the water to the bottom.

So that you can take advantage of your visit to the maximum, we make the following recommendations:

Put on the swimsuit in advance, as there are usually no locker rooms and the bathrooms are improvised

Water shoes, as the surroundings and the bottom of the cenote (if not too deep) are of stones and limestone rocks

If it is possible, it is advisable to take a shower before entering the cenote to protect your ecosystem

Use only biodegradable repellent and blocker to protect the cenote ecosystem - some are forbidden to use them

Next, we present the equipment that we see as recommendable for the visit or its preparation, things that have worked for us:

first of all:


Finally it depends on the taste of each one. For sports and diving activities we recommend a full body gluing.

Traveling Towel

The towel is the best, as it does not take up space, is light and depending on the version, it should not dry or dry.



Biodegradable blocker

Biodegradable repellent

Flip-flops or shoes for water

In case you want to have a view to the depths of the Cenotes, we recommend:




Diving Equipment

It is usually with a tour organized or under the supervision of the cenote staff; Although in some you arrive with your equipment and diving under your own responsibility.

In addition, there are many books on Cenotes (scientific explanation, relationship with the Maya, ...), diving in Cenotes and travelers.