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Cenote Yax Bacaltun

Cenote Yax Bacaltun

Merida is a gorgeous colonial city located in the northeastern tip of the Yucatan peninsula. The cenotes around Merida are famous for their beauty, isolation and cool, brilliant waters. Most of the thousands of Merida cenotes can be found along the Chicxulub Crater. It is believed that the giant asteroid that created this crater also caused most of the cenotes. We will talk more about that in the Merida history section. Probably the most famous cenotes near Merida are the Cuzama cenotes, which are discovered by horse and cart, and the Homun cenotes, which are known as being off-the-beaten-path and untouched.

It may look unremarkable from the surface, but head below ground. You will discover why Cenote Yax Bacaltun is so highly regarded by those in the know. The huge cave here has breath-taking rock formations and a rope swing. You will find all the facilities you need. There are Mayan ceremonies are performed here as well as a restaurant which is open on the weekends.

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