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Cenote XCoton

Cenote XCoton

A group of North American archaeologists led by Robert E. Smith rescued many pieces from the X-Coton cenote in 1953. These archaeologists were from the Department of Archeology at the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Smith and his group used a twenty-foot ladder to reach the dry part of the cenote and used ropes to lower the necessary equipment. The excavations were made on the surface or in very shallow places. Beneath a thick layer of bat droppings, 18 steps were found leading to a water mouth that was apparently a ceremonial site. The presence of an artificial platform, parts of the dry surface covered with stucco (a mixture of lime with sand), the objects carved in stone and the burials in the caves that are not flooded confirmed the ceremonial use that the ancient inhabitants of this warlike city They gave him.

The works in this cenote are considered antecedents of Underwater Archeology because they were isolated works whose main objective was not the study of submerged objects ”. Scuba diving, swim, it´s a cave, --8am - 5pm

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