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Cenote Tza-Ujun-Kat

Cenote Tza-Ujun-Kat

The cenote Tza Ujun Kat is located at the entrance of Homún, just behind the restaurant El Cenote the cost of access is just $ 10 pesos per person.

Upon arrival you will see that you enter the end of the road and The school has a hole in the ground, approach carefully as it is about 12 meters deep, you can also see some swallows that enter and leave the cenote.

On one side there are concrete stairs, where you you can go down to the cenote.

Around there are stalactites and stalagmites that have been formed for hundreds of years, in the rainy season you could see how the water is filtering until it reaches the cenote.

The waters of the cenote are crystalline in a light blue color turning to emerald green, there are some shallow parts that go from 1.40 to 2 meters deep where you can swim freely, remember that the darkest parts are deeper.

There are also some stones that serve as a platform for the vi places to dive.

The water from the cenote runs around a rock platform, giving it a shape like a half moon.

On the platform towards the crystalline waters there are 2 stairs so that can easily go down to the cenote and on the banks some stones so that the children can sit or splash in the shallow parts.

swim, it´s a cave, ---

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