tzabnah Cenote, México Cenotes route
Cenote Tzabnah

Cenote Tzabnah

In this cave you have to descend 17 meters through a hole in the ground until you reach a cenote. This is a pond with crystalline waters, sweet or salty, and sometimes a combination of both.

This pond is located inside a cave surrounded by rocky walls, and strange formations that descend from the roofs and other emerging from the ground. As the tour progresses, deep cliffs and 13 cenotes of various sizes are seen through tunnels that lead to them, which turns the cave into an exciting labyrinth full of mysteries to discover.

One of the most impressive attractions of the walk, it is a cavernous figure capricious known as the dome of the Cathedral, due to the extraordinary resemblance it has with the cathedral of Mérida.

It is administered by an ejidal group that provides the facilities maintenance. It is recommended to wear a helmet and lighting lamps to avoid incidents, as well as the accompaniment of a local guide.

This cave with cenotes is located 40 kilometers from the city of Mérida, until reaching the Villa de Tecoh from where you advance from the main square heading southeast on the road that leads to the Mayapán archaeological site, on the left side you walk 30 meters. On one side of COBAY.

Scuba diving, swim, it´s a cave, ---

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