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Cenote Tulipanes

Cenote Tulipanes

This cenote, which has been a tourist attraction in the city for more than half a century, has an important condition: it is not allowed to swim or bathe in it. Perhaps because of this arrangement, the original fauna of the cave has been preserved in the middle of the urban area. The vault of the cenote is illuminated in a dim way but enough to see the beauty of the water, the grotto and the art of the young descendants of those Mayans who continue to amaze the world through their works. The water from this cenote is also used for watering the restaurant s gardens, as well as to fill a large fish tank that is inside it.

The expression of the Mayan dance has a magnificent setting in the cenote of the Tulipanes restaurant. For many years, every night the sacrifice of a Mayan maiden to the rain god Chac has been represented, who comes out of the water of this cenote in search of the heart offered by her people. But the water of the cenote not only serves for the invocation of the rain god; it is also used to fill a huge fish tank in the disco-bar and to water the green areas at the top of the subway. It is located not very close to the center in the Industrial neighborhood.
it´s a cave, restaurantesiMartes a Sabado: 10am - 5pm

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