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Cenote Tankach-Ha

Cenote Tankach-Ha

Located very close to Coba in the same place where the Choo-Ha Cenote is located, you just have to advance a little more to your left about 200 meters to reach the Tankach-Ha Cenote which means deep water, since as its name Said has depths from 4 to 35 meters, making it the deepest of the 3 in this area.

You will go down some concrete steps until you continue with the spiral-shaped wooden stairs that form a tower until you reach the ground in total there are 17 meters and 83 steps that you will travel. When you start your descent down the wooden stairs you will come across some formations of stalactites that are decorated with the flora of the place, further embellishing the cavern, then you will come across 2 platforms with different heights, one of 10 meters and the other of 5 meters in case you want to throw yourself one dived.

When you finish descending you will be able to admire the crystal clear waters that reveal its underwater caverns and the immensity of its depth that will challenge you to conquer it.

To access it has two wooden entrances that will allow you to cool off, relax and explore every corner of this place. If you do not know how to swim, we recommend that you wear a life jacket at all times, the caretakers of this place can provide you with the necessary equipment to enjoy this wonderful cenote.

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