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Cenote Santa Rosa

Cenote Santa Rosa

The Santa Rosa tourist parador houses a beautiful underground cenote with the same name that has become one of the favorite destinations of those who visit the municipality of Homún, one hour from the Yucatecan capital.

Located a few streets of the main entrance, this parador offers all the services that a visitor may need, from a restaurant with complete dishes at excellent prices, to cabins to enjoy all the attractions of this municipality and even shops with manufactured handicrafts, mostly, by the local people.

The restaurant of this tourist parador offers various dishes, among which the poc-chuc (roast meat) stands out, accompanied by salad, strained beans, chiltomate (tomato sauce), chili, avocado , onion and handmade tortillas at the moment, right in a small palapa that you can see when entering the restaurant.

Prices for meals vary depending on the dish, but are between 80 and 90 per plate. tillo. The drinks also have affordable prices and you can consume anything from a natural soda, bottled, beer and spirits of various brands.

The restaurant is very spacious and comfortable to enjoy a pleasant moment. During the afternoon, regional dances are presented by two children who perform various lots to the rhythm of a jarana, dressed in typical Yucatan costumes.

Access to the Santa Rosa cenote has an access cost of $ 35 per person. You can ask about the package that includes food and access to the cenote.

You descend by a wooden staircase. The entire facility is well insured so that visitors can enjoy this attraction without any risk. Once down, you will be able to settle into the wooden platform designed to observe all the beauty of this cenote illuminated with different shades of light.

If you like, you can rent a life jacket. For the safety of the visitors there is always a person from the parador taking care of the safety of the place.

The stalactite formations enrich the view of this beautiful place. If you are a lover of adrenaline, you can launch yourself from two platforms designed so that bathers can dive without putting their safety at risk. The time of stay in the cenote is free.

Leaving the cenote you can change right away if you decide to do so in some bathrooms equipped with all the necessary services.

A few meters from the entrance to the cenote Ecological cabins have been built so that visitors can enjoy all the attractions that Homún offers them. Prices range from $ 700 to $ 1,000 per night with the capacity to stay for 4 to 7 people depending on the cabin that is chosen.

They all have drinking water, fans and hammocks to make the stay of the visitors the most comfortable and pleasant.

In one of the shops you will be able to observe the hairstyle of the henequen and then weave with it some handicrafts that are sold in this place, as well as various carved wooden objects and embroidered bags. < br>
In another store you can be part of the history of henequen and its importance in the social and economic life of Homún. You will also be able to see how a traditional hammock is woven and learn about the process and effort involved in making each one.

Among the range of objects that you can find here are books, clay and wood masks, a variety of hammocks, key rings , bottle openers and much more at very affordable prices.

Thinking about the comfort of the visitors, this parador has a parking lot with small palapas so that the vehicle is not exposed to the sun.

Also from Here you can hire motorcycle taxis to take you to other cenotes outside the parador and complement your experience in this place. At the end of the tour you will be able to make use of the facilities of the Santa Rosa parador and enjoy a complete meal in its restaurant and why not, take a souvenir of the place with you.

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