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Cenote Sabakha

Cenote Sabakha

This cenote is an open type with free fall. You descend into the water by a wooden ladder, the color of the water is green due to the decomposing organic matter that is floating, which produces tannic acid, however after 15 m of depth the water becomes crystalline with a visibility of up to 50 meters; the water mirror measures 60 meters long by 30 meters wide and has a depth of 120 meters recorded, the maximum is still unknown.

This is undoubtedly one of the most impressive cenotes that Yucatan has and even today the deepest cenote in the state. In this place a few meters deep there is a cross that was placed in memory of a diver, being found at a depth of 40-45 meters.

Despite not having tourist infrastructure, it is a site with Optimal conditions for swimming and freediving, cave diving or deep diving, provided that you have the proper preparation. It is recommended to locate the local guide, the use of life jackets, avoid the use of sunscreen, do not throw garbage into the body of water or its surroundings.

This cenote is located 52 kilometers to the south of the city of Mérida, Mérida-Muna highway passing the town of Abalá until you reach the Mucuyché de Peón farm, from there you advance 6 kilometers to the junction to Yunkú, turn left and travel 2 kilometers on the road to target heading east to get to the site.

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