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Cenote Mojarras

Cenote Mojarras

A cenote of undoubted beauty and great space, as it is one of the largest cenotes in the area with its 67 meters in diameter. It is completely outdoors, surrounded by abundant vegetation in an area with a tropical climate. Its opening is reminiscent of an eye as it is shaped like an elongated oval.

The Cenote Las Mojarras is fully enabled for tourism, which implies with the entrance access to guides, amenities and even activities that will ensure a safe and family fun time. One of the greatest attractions of this great cenote is to cross it in its entire length through a zip line with a jump. If zip lining is not to your liking, you can also dive from the top of a wooden tower right up to the cenote; a dive that some consider intimidating.

Additionally, you can enjoy spaces to share and eat with family or large groups, as there is an area of 鈥嬧媝alapas where you will have at your disposal the use of the barbecue to prepare a good grill and use hammocks to relax during your visit. In general, the Cenote is very well cared for and is an attraction worth visiting.

The price of tickets per adult for Cenote Las Mojarras is MXN $ 150, that is, USD $ 7.82 , where the entrance includes: general admission to the Cenote, Zipline of the cenote and Tower for diving. Admission for children from 6 to 10 years old costs MXN $ 125 (USD $ 6.52). There are discounts on entry during the low season.

As additional costs, you can purchase services such as: Horseback riding for MXN $ 425 (USD $ 22), ATV rental for MXN $ 425 (USD $ 22), zip lines for selva (Circuit of 6 lines and 2 bridges) for MXN $ 340 (USD $ 17), all with an estimated duration of 30 minutes. You can negotiate additional packages at the entrance to get a discount. Among other services there are also tables where you can eat, grill and hammocks for your complete comfort, free of charge.

The road between Puerto Morelos- Leona Vicario is located at Km 12.5 of the famous Ruta de los Cenotes. The detour is well signposted on the left and after traveling approx. 2.8Km of road will reach the cenote.

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