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Cenote La noria

Cenote La noria

If you plan to travel this vacation to a different place where you can relax and maintain contact with nature, then Cenote La Noria is the right place for you. This cenote is one of those belonging to the group known as “Tres reyes”, which is found in Mexico, specifically in Quintana Roo. It is said that this place is magical because the water that abounds in it is characterized by being sweet and fresh. The Cenote La Noria is 47 meters wide and 18 meters deep, a necessary amount for those who wish to swim in that place.

Another interesting element of the Cenote La Noria is that once you enter You will have the opportunity to see the bats that inhabit it and that, in turn, are accustomed to the presence of people. In this sense, by placing yourself in the internal part of it you will find yourself in a totally natural place that has a rock staircase (which is sculpted), and where people can swim to a platform that floats in the center.

This cenote is also a place frequented by many people, mostly from Cancun and Puerto Morelos to practice cycling.

The Cenote La Noria is considered a fun park for all families and friends who visit it. The latter offers the opportunity that for only $ 100.00 MXN, that is, $ 5.22 USD per person you can enjoy this natural experience. You can also choose to buy a package (whose cost is additional) to fully explore the place.

Other activities that you can carry out in the cenote and for only $ 300.00 MXN (USD 15.65), is the camping in the Mayan jungle.

To get to Cenote La Noria you must be on the Route of the Cenotes of Puerto Morelos. Then at kilometer 20 you must cross to the left of the road towards Leona Vicario (towards Cenote Kin Ha). Subsequently, you must continue for 1.5 kilometers where you will finally find a notice that indicates Cenote la Noria.

Hours: You can visit the Cenote de La Noria from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Scuba diving, swim, jump for a dive, Estacionamiento,Palapas,baos,Tirolesa,Cuatrimotossi9am - 5pm

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