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Cenote Kape-Ha

Cenote Kape-Ha

For those who like to explore those spaces that seem taken from paradise, this cenote in the heart of Tulum will surprise you. It is an open-air cenote that has an almost perfectly circular shape. It is surrounded by the most spectacular vegetation you can imagine, with colors as strident as they are harmonic. The sounds of the birds, the breeze through the trees and the slowly rising water will leave you in awe.

The Cape-ha cenote, as remote and peaceful as it looks, will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of this travel. It is also very conveniently located. Especially for those looking to be within the heart of Tulum town!

It s time to explore. To get to the heart of the cenote, with its permanently turquoise waters, you must go down stone steps that will help you enter the jungle. It is perfect to let you see the landscapes offered by this natural wonder.

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