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Cenote Kambul

Cenote Kambul

It is a semi-open cenote, which is accessed directly to the water by a rustic wooden staircase. The color of the water is blue, its mirror measures 10 meters long by 20 meters wide and has a minimum depth of 3 meters and a maximum of 40 meters.

It is a very popular place where inhabitants of the Noc Ac police station and its surroundings. It is a relevant cenote in terms of the paleontological discoveries that have been made, since important fossil remains of much antiquity have been found, such as those of a megalodon and a species of Yucatecan siren.

It is a site with optimal conditions for swimming and cave diving, provided you have adequate preparation. It is recommended, the use of life jackets, avoid the use of sunscreen and insect repellants, as well as not throwing garbage into the body of water and its surroundings.

This cenote is located 14 kilometers northeast of you. from the city of Mérida, taking the Mérida-Caucel highway, from where it deviates northward, advancing 6 kilometers to the Cheuman farm and traveling 3 more kilometers, you reach the Noc Ac farm. Upon reaching this town, turn left, where a group of ejidatarios charge an entrance fee and travel another 500 meters of white road to reach the site.

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