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Cenote Jaguar

Cenote Jaguar

Jumping from several platforms would be a good way to get cooler in the Riviera Maya. If you never tried a zip line, Cenote Jaguar is the right place to try it!

Why this name? The Jaguar is one of the most emblematic animals for the mayan culture. The Jaguar is related with the underworld, the night and the caves, which are the entrance of the underworld. They consider a powerful animal with deep knowledge with sacred energies. Protector of light and darkness (perhaps because jaguars like to hunt in the first hours of moonlight or on the sunrise), jaguars are close to being an endangered species with only 2,000 specimens in the area. So you have to be strong and courageous like a Jaguar to jump into and zipline over the cenote!

Cenote Jaguar is beautiful, full of vegetation, mangrove and with some small fishes in the water.

Every cenote is different; we resume the special features of Cenote Jaguar:

Swimming / Snorkeling / Jumping / Ziplining
Special for:
jumping, zip-line (but no jump from the zipline into the water), mangroves and full vegetation, quiet environment, perfect for families, group of friends and adventurous persons
Type of Cenote: Open Cenote
Depth: 30 feet
Access: one platform with few steps Facilities: none
Location: close to Tulum

You could combine this cenote with other activities during your private tour, like:

Swimming, snorkeling in other cenote (Pet Cemetery, Taak Bi Ha, Nicte Ha).
Visit Mayan Ruins (Tulum, Coba)
Snorkeling with Turtles.
Swimming in this cenote is perfect to have fun and spend an unforgettable day with your siblings in the Riviera Maya.

swim, ba駉s, restaurante, vestidores$2009am a 5pm

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