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Cenote El Pit

Cenote El Pit

The Cenote El Pit is probably a dive site that cannot be found anywhere else. Going down the stairs is complex, but there are ropes to raise and lower heavy equipment. Here you can find toilets, showers and nice tables to set up the equipment. The arrival should be done preferably in the early hours of the morning, since the sun s rays are more beautiful through this deep sinkhole.

The descent takes place in one of the walls of the cenote. Therefore you always have a visual reference. At 13-15 m there is a Halocline , this being a line between fresh and salt water that does not mix due to the different temperature and density. At a moderate depth of 30 m, as in Cenote Angelita, ghostly trees and their branches protrude from the hydrogen sulfide cloud. This cloud is created by the system s own bacteria that decompose the organic material at that depth.
Due to its depth, the Pit is recommended only for experienced divers.

It is one of the most beautiful and unique cenotes to dive throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. It has an oval shape with an opening of 10 meters. The main attraction of the cenote is the beautiful rays of light that illuminate the crystal clear waters of the cavern, especially on sunny days. The play of light reaches the depths through the layers of halocline and acid clouds.

Around 12 to 20 m deep, where fresh waters meet salty waters, visibility becomes very interesting due to the way the light beams part in different ways as the waters meet. You may have some difficulty taking pictures when you are actually within this layer, as the camera lenses don t seem to handle the effect well.

The sulfur layer is located near 27 meters deep. of hydrogen with a thickness of 2 to 4 meters and resembles a fog that rises over the top of the rocks of the collapsed opening of the cenote stacked at the bottom and some tree branches.

The maximum depth of the Cenote is 121 meters and there are multiple passages that lead to other rooms, although these explorations are only for highly experienced divers.

Scuba diving, swim, jump for a dive, it´s a cave, estacionamiento, sitio de taxis, restaurante, regaderas, baos, renta de equipo/ bicis$3009am - 5pm

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