dreamgate Cenote, México Cenotes route
Cenote Dream Gate

Cenote Dream Gate

Cenote Dream Gate is a little known dive for beginner cenote divers, but it is nonetheless spectacular.

Located further in the jungle, in a forest dominated by the trees Zapote, the diving cenote Dream Gate connects you with nature and the underworld.

This Cenote is recognized worldwide, as part of the original Sac Actun system, the largest underground river system in the world.

maximum depth of this cenote is 9 meters and is one of the most decorated caverns in the area, It is one of the favorite cenotes, it has a dome where you can see the roots of the jungle trees that go through the rocks to reach the water, as well like bats, not all divers reach this point and you may find some of the blind fish that inhabit the place.

Here you can also find halocline (where fresh water mixes with salt water), if you wish observe beautiful rock formations, this is the right place ! Scuba diving, swim, it´s a cave, tours$300Lunes a Domingo: 8am - 5pm

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