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Cenote Cristalino

Cenote Cristalino

The Cenote Cristalino is located 20 km from Playa del Carmen, that is, 25 minutes by car in the direction of Tulum. Very close to other cenotes such as El Cenote Azul, Cenote Jardín del Edén, etc.

The entrance to the Cenote Cristalino has a cost of $ 150 MXN for adults, $ 100 MXN for children under 11 years old and divers and models pay $ 200 MXN. Their hours are Monday through Sunday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. The payment for access already includes the rent of the life jacket.

Upon reaching the Cenote Cristalino you will marvel at its vast vegetation around it, the water is transparent and you will be able to see giant rocks and tree roots.

The use of sunscreen is prohibited, it is important not to put it on as they contain chemical ingredients that alter the flora and fauna of underground rivers.

The largest area of ​​this natural pool is deep parts ( between 2 to 3 meters) therefore, if you do not feel confident about swimming one hundred percent, we recommend that you wear a life jacket all the time.

There is also an area of ​​the Cenote Cristalino for the bravest! platform for jumps! Here, from the smallest to the largest, they dive into one of the deepest parts (approximately 6 meters). You can do it with or without a vest, accompanied or alone.

The adrenaline you feel when you fall is fantastic and even the most doubtful and fearful of jumping have climbed back up onto the platform to fall into the water again.

This cenote has a lifeguard, who is attentive to avoid accidents, although we must be responsible and aware of our capabilities and actions at all times.

Bring your snorkeling equipment . You can also rent some right there for an extra cost.

Bring your insect repellent, because when you go out, you are likely to feel mosquito bites (especially for those who are sensitive to bites).

If you move food or buy in the small store in the Cenote Cristalino, collect the garbage generated. We must keep this heavenly place that belongs to everyone clean.

Take precautions, because to get to the cenote you have to go down stairs, so the terrain is not very conducive to wheelchairs or strollers.
< br> Observe the preventive signs before entering the cenote.

Do not climb the rock.

Respect the diving area.

If they follow the instructions, it only remains to tell them that have fun to the fullest in this beautiful place.

Scuba diving, swim, baos, renta de chalecos$100, nios: $60-

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