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Cenote Choo Ha

Cenote Choo Ha

Located 10 minutes from Coba on the race you will find a booth where you will pay for your access to the Choo-Ha cenote, which in Spanish means water that drips because there are stalactites that are constantly filtering throughout its interior.

You will descend Going down some steep wooden stairs when turning to continue you must be careful since as it is a very humid place the following stairs are very wet, you will be impressed from here since the roof formations are at your fingertips in addition to that the stairs seem to float inside the cavern that opens to leave you approximately 12 meters to let you see its wonders.

It is surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites wherever you turn, you can walk around them until you reach the cenote that shelters inside. Crystal clear and shallow waters will invite you to cool off and admire closely its formations that rest in it, it is ideal for children to also enjoy this place without taking risk and be amazed by the number of fish that gather to welcome you when you enter the water.

If you need to change or require equipment they can provide you with what you need since they have dressing rooms, bathrooms and everything you need for you to enjoy this experience.

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