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Cenote Calavera

Cenote Calavera

The Calavera cenote is located just 4 kilometers from the archaeological zone of Tulum. It has a perfect location to cool off after visiting the ruins.

It is part of a route made up of many cenotes in Tulum. It stands out for its proximity to the town and the ruins and because several divers were accredited with cave diving certification.

If you are in Tulum and want to go to a cenote, we recommend this one to have a nice time As a family, with your friends or with your partner.

The cenote is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., from Monday to Sunday. The entry price is $ 100 mxn. If you want, you can rent snorkeling equipment and life jackets.

The Calavera cenote is 3 kilometers from the town of Tulum and 4 kilometers from the ruins. If you go with your car, the cenote is located on the road to go to Cobá, in 8 minutes you will reach the destination. The cenote has a parking area.

If you want to go by bicycle, it is 15 minutes from Tulum Pueblo and 20 minutes from the entrance of the ruins.

The cenote is in the jungle, a Once at the entrance of the cenote, you will have to walk approximately 100 meters to reach the cenote.

Calavera is a semi-open cenote. To access the water you can go down using a ladder or by jumping. In the center of the cenote, you will see that the water is a large hill of sediments and rocks, whose depth is 3 meters.

The water well has a circumference of 160 meters, the waters are crystal clear and a little cold compared to other cenotes. The cenote in its dome has three holes through which the light passes and where you can admire fish that are in the water.

To rest for a moment, you can grab the stones on the walls or the ropes that there is in the water.

The cenote owes its name to the fact that being inside you can look up and imagine a skull through the three holes that design two eyes and a mouth. When you are outside the cenote and the sun s rays illuminate the limestone rock sediments in the center, you can see a skull reflected by the light from the three holes.

Diving people can enjoy with four entrances, up to three layers of haloclines (a phenomenon caused when layers of fresh water are mixed with salt water at great depths) and a depth of 19 meters. It is a very famous place for this activity and for its accreditation course for caves.

We advise you to dive with the oxygen tank only if you have a diving certification. It is also important to be accompanied by certified personnel, at such an important depth you have to be careful.

- Use biodegradable sunscreen and repellent so as not to harm the fish.
- Wear light clothing and comfortable shoes, when Around the cenote are stones.
- You can bring water and food, the cenote does not have a restaurant.
- If you want to dive it is important to have a certification and dive with certified personnel. Scuba diving, swim, jump for a dive, it´s a cave, -nado: $50, buzo: $1009am - 5pm

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