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Cenote Azul

Cenote Azul

The Cenote Azul is another favorite destination for travelers visiting the Riviera Maya, and how could it not be if the place is relaxing and full of nature. There are also areas where it is shallower than others and you can swim calmly, or if you go with children this is the right place.

Do not forget your snorkel equipment or mask so that you will be surprised by all the fauna that lives in the water, with the naked eye you can see some fish but it is more interesting to see more at the bottom.

For you to enjoy your stay in the cenote we recommend you bring the following:

Suit bath
Fresh clothes
Don t forget your snorkel gear or mask, if you don t have one there you can rent one
Water shoes to avoid accidents
Water camera
DO NOT use mosquito repellent or sunscreen / suntan lotion
Swim cautiously, there are areas deeper than others. Do not risk it.
If you bring small children do not neglect them
In case you do not know how to swim, do not take off your vest so that you are safer
If you carry food and / or drinks during your stay do not leave garbage. Take care of the place so that more travelers can enjoy it.

swim, estacionamiento, renta de snorkel, chalecoadulto: $70, niños: $40-

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