Why shall I use biodegradable sun blocker?

.. to protect and be healthier why yourself and the environment.

-especially the Cenotes have a sensible ecosystem

Why use biodegradable sun protection?

The first time we went to a cenote to swim, we were told: 'you can only use biodegradable protector or no sunscreen at all.' As I have a delicate skin, I had no option, and I bought one. Later, I informed myself about this products, and I understood why I should use it: for myself and the environment, in particular, not to damage the delicate ecosystem of the Cenotes, and especially because all of them form a single underground system interconnected between each other. This means that if one is contaminated, it influences this cenote in particular and the others also later on in the long term.

What does 'biodegradable' mean?

'Biodegradable' means that a substance is undone in a certain time under certain conditions of temperature, oxygen and humidity by means of microorganisms and fungi to water, CO2 and biological mass. This ensures that this substance (in this case the sunscreen), does not harm the environment, the delicate system of the cenote, and is decomposed by biological organisms.

How do I recognize a biodegradable protector?

Generally, biodegradable protectors have fewer in total and almost exclusively natural ingredients, such as skin care oils and titanium or zinc oxide as active ingredients against the sun's rays. That also ensures that skin is best taken care of by natural ingredients and not by chemical substances, so the product has a smaller impact on the skin and body. In addition, they tend to have a design type 'organic' products, with an ecological seal which is confirmed in the description that it is biodegradable.

What are brands that have biodegradable protectors in their product range?

Some of the brands that handle biodegradable protectors are (not exclusive, without guarantee):

Anthyllis, Alphanova Sun, Maya Solar, Kiin Sun, Hawaiin Tropic bio, isdin fusion tatoo SPF 50+, isdn mineral spf 50, jersey kids, Beauty Without Cruelty Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, green screen, Aubrey organics natural sun sunscreen

We invite you to take care of yourself, the environment and therefore the Cenotes. Experience the Cenotes Experience in an inclusive way!